Hi, I'm Raquel!

I help you embrace what you naturally have and build  confidence through the power of your curly hair.

As a curly hair stylist with natural curls myself , I relate to practically every single client who sits In my chair.

I want to see them thrive confidently with their natural texture.

 I want to see the youth not ashamed of their beautiful, big hair and embrace it.

I want to see other hairstylists in the beauty industry accept all clients no matte their hair texture.

I personally  transitioned from flat ironing my curls back in 2011 to going natural during the beginning stages of my career. It not only changed my life but it helped me level up by beauty business!  

Over the last 13 years I've been in the beauty industry. I've helped countless clients globally with their curls. All while in salons  behind the chair doing hair and connecting with others. Two years ago I decided to switch it up and go all in on a different direction with my business.

During the pandemic I flipped the switch to elevate my beauty career to online. Serving more than in a salon ever could.  

If life has taught me anything it's that things are never linear. Progress is and change is constant. My change is to help the beauty industry elevate to serve more when it comes to textured hair beyond behind the chair.


Did you know?

65% of the world's population is curly hair - and I guarantee you a lot more than that now! Surveys have shown to me that the internet is a rabbit hole for curly hair guidance!


Tired of spiraling?

Done with testing out new products down the curly hair aisle in Target?

Want advice from licensed hairstylists who specialize in your hair?

Let's get you that sound guidance already!

Who Is Culture Your Curls For?




  • If you are in constant question when it comes to your curls
  • If you are close to giving in to the chemical straightening systems
  • If you never let your hair down


               THIS IS FOR YOU!



I'm talking to you CURLY Hair  BOSS BABE!


.. to you CURLY Hair  Aspiring Stylist!


..to you CURLY Hair  Mama!


If you struggle to keep your curl routine simple..are just lost in this curly hair game..or maybe you know you have it down but just need some extra guidance.. then keep reading!



If you ignore the fact you have curly hair and struggle to accept it.. Then this is it, this is the time to get it and make it work for you!


We live in a world where instant gratification is all around us. When we don't get the instant, we give up or go to something else. Or to see the latest trends in hair and beauty and want to try it out. But I'm here to tell you DON'T GIVE UP and also here to inspire you to just be YOURSELF! Your natural hair is beautiful and  you have what others would DIE for! 


I was there, I did all the things to get my curls straight, tried every new product out there for curly hair and wasted a ton of money doing that. Bottom line.... I didn't embrace what I had. Then the light bulb came on, I finally figured out this natural hair thing all while helping out others at the same time!

If I can do it  then so can you.



And So Much More!

If you're dedicated about achieving your curl confidence goals, join me!


You got this! 

Get ready for this to blow your mind at how easy it all really is!

Everything I've created about this course is packed with tried and true ways to get you results that will last. 


Frizz Free Curls? No problem! Confident, self esteem walking in the room wearing your curls out? Mhm, YES!


I've done these techniques not only on myself but have a clientele to back it up! I want to help you achieve the same!


Ok, now let's get you some  curlfidence!


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